in the dream

by other people

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released December 14, 2015

additional vocals and kalimba by Kate Folk

photo by Miles Karp



all rights reserved


other people San Francisco, California

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Track Name: in the dream
this time
when you wake up
don't go back to sleep

this time
when you wake up
wake up again

wake up again
the new you
will not tire

at the same times
will tire at unpredictable times
this time

the new you will define itself
just make sure
to feed it well

at regular intervals
when the sun is out
be sure to go outside

because you never know what might happen
when you feel good in public
and people can see your face

the new you makes the best faces
when the world returns itself to you
you greet yourself with a sunny welcome

you wash upon your own shore
and sing hallelujah with your eyes
before you can talk the gulls broadcast

a new transmission you listen @ThisTime
but not for anything, the new you exists
for the sake of not existing

for the sake of something
an overgrown path that winds into beachfront
and disappears into the forrest

in the evening of your ______ period
you climb up and down the stalks of justice
sometimes singing to yourself, sometimes chewing gum

and you come back down the same way you climbed up
and you come back out the same way you climbed in
and you keep climbing in and up, in and up

you keep climbing out and down
you carry little containers of confusion with you
everywhere you go

you never leave the house without one
but you don't see them in the dream
and, alarmed,

you try to remember:
don't forget the containers!
don't forget the containers, you say

you must be confused. you must be confused!
you imagine yourself waking up like this:
you must be confused! you must be confused!

you just keep saying it
over and over, you must be confused
but you can't hear yourself

and the new you never went to sleep
so how could it wake up
and what else has it done

while you thought yourself silent
carrying sticks to your ex-lovers
for a fire that will never be lit

the point is somehow carrying all the sticks
and that seems alright to you, even reasonable
you create a system of organizing the sticks

a clever system, they're all going to love this
you think, painting on little crude faces
and chuckling, self-conscious at

conscious at first

this time when you wake
you will have told the stones a new story
changing their temperature slightly

and making the wormlove possible
you won't remember this, but for a moment
something deep inside you knows

with complete certainty something deep
inside you knows with complete certainty
something deep inside you knows

with complete certainty
bang your chest when you say it
like this

evan! evan! wake up. evan! can you hear me?
painting on little crude faces and faces
and chuckling curiosity…

or was it confusion
coming awake slowly, you know
you are coming awake,

and as the certainty builds the suspense wanes

fashion improves, people have hoverboards finally
and this is important, no matter what you say
when people ask how you're doing

you don't miss out on your chance to love
everybody loves you, in the dream
everybody loves you for exactly

who you are, but who you are
is always trying to be someone else
you can't go to sleep when you're sleeping

nobody understands you, you're alone
in a mansion of marshmallows and bones
the mantises keep feeding you clocks

and you think it has something to do
with how they sound, it takes you forever
to realize this, literally forever

your lifespan is the time it takes you
to realize this it's all really clear, actually
you wonder why you didn't think of it

earlier, you're so stupid sometimes
it's very refreshing:
people stopped being stupid

a long time ago.

wake up
wake up and ask someone
what time it is

what time it is