separation is a road we travel backwards

by other people

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released September 30, 2014



all rights reserved


other people San Francisco, California

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Track Name: separation is a road we travel backwards
the speed of the modern world, uneven without you

the road to you after time
no longer a road to you , me

the world got louder
when we stopped talking


something must be woven, or toyed with, or expected, it is not up to us but what we put ourselves in front of—behind. i always felt like I was walking beside you. that you were walking beside me.


we deceive ourselves by design and in fact spend most of what we might consider introspection or longing simply staring into space while our brains readjust to whatever we would rather believe and then work backwards.


returning to the question of public performance
how it changes us
from intentions born in the quiet
rage of isolation, or joy, or boredom
how it creates a necessary space
between what is and what also is
it is not just
what it could be
or what it has been
or what you think about it now

I can
and feel
I am supposed to

live between us

all night at the club
at the reading
or the dog parade or whatever

your projecting yourself
choosing not to
imagined and real
where we find
how we want
to be
as part
of the world


if being separated from a loved one is a real loss that diminishes
if the loss is only realized in embrace
if the loss is only conquered in embrace